Feeling stressed? Working through Grief? Burnt out & exhausted?

are you ready to make space for your own self healing?
are you ready to feel more joy throughout your life?
are you ready To live from a more relaxed state of mind?


I'm Josh Solar. The Energy Guide to help you get there. I understand how hard it is to feel good about life with SO MUCH GOING ON all the freakin' time. But it is possible. You have all the tools inside of you. I'm here to create a safe space for you and to show you how to unlock the power of healing for yourself.

Step 1.  Sign up  for a  Breathwork session  or find me at a  group event .
Step 3.  Feel frickin' amazing  + be ready to share your whole heart with the world.

What exactly is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an active meditation that uses a very specific breathing pattern that facilitates an emotional release. Through the breath, you will move from your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to your parasympathetic nervous system (subconscious) which allows you to:

  • Release limiting beliefs

  • Work through trauma, grief, heartbreak

  • Break unhealthy habits

  • Spark creativity in all forms of your life

  • Rewrite any negative stories you've picked up along your life's journey

  • Find contentment + joy in who you are

  • Open your heart to give + receive more love in your life

What exactly is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that activates the natural healing processes of your body + restores physical + emotional well-being. It's the perfect compliment to your Breathwork session.

Session Options

  • Breathwork - 75 minutes - $100

  • Breathwork & Reiki - 90 minutes - $150

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Note: All sessions can be done in person or virtually.