The Culmination


How did I end up here?! How did I get to the point in my life where I'm out in the world calling myself an Energy Guide?

I've worn many hats in my days. Started many businesses. Pursued many dreams. My life has been anything but boring, that's for sure. 

When I was a young 'un I cared about sports + video games. As I got a little older I cared a lot about girls. I was busy, active, fidgety...I couldn't sit still, even while playing video games. I listened to really intense music (heavy metal + rap). That period was one of exploration + anger.

I met my wife when she was 14 + I was 15. Besides that one horrible phase early in our lives, we've been together ever since. That's 21 years of my life with the most courageous woman I've ever met. We made 3 babies, 2 of whom have Cystic Fibrosis. We've shared a lot of dreams together. We've encouraged each other. We've supported one another through some rough times. This (on-going) period has been one of self-doubt where she's picked me up over + over again. She exemplifies the strength + resilience I didn't grow up with.

Before we had kids, we spent a lot of time sitting around watching tv + working crap jobs. We felt like something was missing, but could never really put our fingers on what that was. Nothing against my parents, they loved me, they were always there for me, but they lived a typical hard to provide for your family + play sports + watch tv. Take one vacation a year. That was it. Again, I love my parents, but I felt called to do more with my time here.

Enter photography. Jenny + I started Solar Photographers 13 years ago. Taking pictures was always something I enjoyed doing, but it ultimately wasn't about the pictures. It was about the connections. The love. The interactions shared between people who care deeply about each other, whether on a wedding day or a family out snuggling + tickling one another. The fulfilling part of photography for me was being able to create a space where true joy could be witnessed + I could stop time for a brief moment + show these amazing people what their love looks like.

Sometime in 2009 my wife + I started The Happy Family Movement dedicated to helping families live a more intentional life by making their own rules + creating their own family habits + traditions. Again, in the field of connection. I was tired of feeling like life was supposed to look a certain way because that's what society tells us it should look like. I was tired of getting asked all the time about why we had watergun fights in the house, because why not? We created Ned, the Phone Monster (#RIP) to serve as a reminder to put down your dang phone + be present with the folks you love most. I wanted others to feel the JOY + share in the laughter we shared together. 

In 2013 I became depressed + still don't know why. I lacked passion. I just wanted to read books all day. I was angry at myself. I didn't want to do anything + it caused so many issues in my marriage + the way I treated my kids. I somehow bought a watercolor set + started writing letters of encouragement to leave around town. Making art was therapeutic. Writing the letters filled with words to support another was therapeutic. It was like I was channeling something deeper within to find the words + I found healing in the process. By the end of 2014, Hello Happiness Card Co was born. It was a way to put my art out into the world in a way that was meaningful to me. But the thing is, I rarely got to see the healing that took place from people who found my letters. The few times I did, it was magic. Joy, tears + a deep sense of belonging + enoughness.

Connection through images.
Connection with families.
Connection with ourselves.
Connection. Connection. Connection. 

Sometime in 2007 I found Thich Nhat Hanh's Miracle of Mindfulness: An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation. It changed my life. My meditation practice led me to get to know + love myself really well. Yes, I still stumbled from time to time on the self love front. I'm human. I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. I believe some crazy lies about myself from time to time. But I kept coming back to meditation. Metta meditation, Tummo meditation, meditation with binaural beats, the Wim Hof Method. The days I didn't take the time to connect with my inner guide, I felt off. Meditation + stillness became the tools for me to understand + feel + listen to what my body was trying to tell me. 

Then I discovered reiki. My first experience with reiki my heart felt like it was sinking into the ground + I just cried + cried. It ultimately became a magical release of sadness, anger + trapped emotions. I left the session feeling bliss. I needed to understand what happened to me. So I devoured all I could about the ancient Japanese healing technique. I'm Reiki Level II attuned in the Usui lineage. Reiki was the missing piece for me in my mindfulness self healing practice. 

Combining my years of experience in all the different types of breath work + reiki I've never felt better. I've connected with myself in deeper ways than I ever imagined. I want to help everyone else feel the magic I've discovered is possible when we create safe spaces + reset our body back to it's natural energetic state. My journey as an Energy Guide has been happening personally + with close friends for quite some time. 

I felt it was time (with nudges from some close friends) to release this side of me, the part that exists in the deepest part of my soul, out into the world. This is the culmination of all the things I've discovered about life so far. I'd love to share this magic with you. 

I believe we're all capable of so much more than we can ever possibly imagine.
I believe our lives are lives of constant discovery.
I believe in magic + miracles + LOVE.  

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