From Can't to Can

I recently saw this video on youtube entitled Do What You Can't (you can watch it below) 👇🏼

It got me thinking about all the times I told myself I couldn't do something. Like the time I told myself I couldn't run a greeting card company based on encouragement cards. Or the time I told myself it would be crazy to take my family to Thailand (did that + these pictures prove it). 

Or the times I told myself I couldn't be a good husband + father. That it's not possible to heal yourself without medication (Note: sometimes we do need western medicine). That I'm not a good artist (it's art, some people will like my art + some won't + that's totally cool). 

I think about how my attitude changes when I'm living out the I can'ts vs coming from a place of I can. Living from a negative, fear based mindset will lead you to failure (most of the time). It will leave you feeling unfulfilled when you lay your head down at night. Most importantly, you will constantly feel off. I lived that way for a long, long time.

It took courage + work + a sense of exploration to change my entire thought process to a more uplifting one. Each + every single time I went out + did something I originally told myself I couldn't do I got braver + stronger + pushed myself to do even crazier things. It took stillness + self-love + a deep sense of enoughness. It took understanding how breath/mindfulness + cold exposure affect the body (yes, that's me a few winters ago sitting in the ice hole I made myself).

You have that power, too, and no you don't have to sit in the ice to access it.

The tiny voices inside of you are trying to tell you something. Maybe you need to take control of your health + start eating better + moving more. Maybe you work at a job that you dread. Maybe you're feeling stressed + overwhelmed in your personal life because you've taken on too many responsibilities. Maybe you have a passion project, a book, a business, a dream that you want to put out in the world but don't know where to start + that feeling like it'll never happen won't go away. All of these signs that feel off are trying to tell you that it's time you made some changes. 

You have the power to take control of your life. It lives inside of you. Your body was created to keep you alive + healthy. You own all of the tools you need, right now. You need an energetic reset to find the you that has been missing. I can create a space for you to get rid of your anxiety, shame + limiting beliefs. You don't need them in your life. They don't serve you.