To Be a Helper

mr rogers look for the helper hand lettered quote

I don't know when exactly it started for me, but at some point after I grew out of my rebellious angsty teen phase I decided I wanted to be a kind man. Someone who helped + gave + served wherever I could. To be the type of person that will see things that can be done + do them. 

I don't know if I am 'there' yet, or if I'll ever get 'there' or even what 'there' looks like. But what I do know is this...

Each + every morning I put out into the universe for opportunities to show up in my house, in my community, wherever I may go on that day...that there might be an opportunity to help someone. 

I'm a big believer in the things you put your energy towards have a greater chance of coming into your life. And creating a present space where I put out in the world that I'm looking for opportunities to help someone seems to always bring me plenty of opportunities to do so.

Like the time I was helping my parents pick out + load their new dining room chairs. We were in the parking lot + a lady asked if I could help her fold her van seats down...that she'd just got her new minivan + couldn't get the seats down. It took me a few minutes to show her exactly how to do it, then she gave me the warmest smile, the biggest hug + I was on my way. I was a helper.

Or all the times I find myself in conversations where nothing is asked of me but to listen. Friends who are struggling, hurting, or just need to know they have people in their life who care about them. Giving my time + listening ear is a way to be a helper.

Sometimes I feel called to write encouraging messages on rocks or leave letters of encouragement for strangers to find. (Note: I ALWAYS have sharpies/pens on me because you never know when inspiration is gonna strike). In those moments, I see myself as a helper, too.

I'm sure there are countless other times I've helped people. Teaching the kids about heart focused breathing so they can better regulate their emotions, holding Jenny when she has a rough day, helping a friend move. There are so many opportunities each day to help one another, if we just pay enough attention to our surroundings + trust our intuition.

My goal as an Energy Guide is to help as many people as possible. It's as simple as that. Life is hard sometimes. Life challenges us. Life stresses us out. Life never stops coming at us. Technology beeps at us. People in our life get sick. People in our life hurt us. So often we're just reacting to what comes our way that we're not taking the time to pause + nurture our bodies that get us where we need to go.

Because of life + me wanting to help you, I created a donation based mini Reiki/Breathwork session. We'll focus on one specific issue that we'll figure out ahead of time. I'll guide you through some breathing techniques while sending some warm Reiki energy your way. You'll feel great afterwards, I promise.

So what are you waiting for?


I'd love to hear how you're showing up as a helper in your life! Leave a comment + let me know!