It's All Too Much


This morning, as I was laying on the mat catching my breath after a grueling crossfit workout...a wod involving Overhead Squats, Box Jumps & the Air Bike was not the most fun I've ever had... 

Anyway, as I was laying there on the ground trying to catch my breath I realized something. Jenny & I have been in this habit of saying to each other, "It's all too much." It's a way of saying we've got too much going on and we can't handle it all. It's too much. 

Maybe trying to sell a house we're living in in a timely manner so we don't lose the house we want to be living in is a lot. Keeping it show ready with 3 kids and some pets around is a lot of work. Maybe running a business or 2 out of our house in addition to all that is a lot. Maybe add in daily life dramas & broken smoke detectors  & errands & groceries & laundry. It all seems too much. 

Jenny & I often feel like we're overwhelmed. I mean, this will be the 3rd time we'll be moving in the last 3 years and that's not even counting the short lived time we wanted to live out of an rv in there.  

Throw in the deep work Jenny & I are doing so we can be better humans & love one another better. Throw in the daily stresses and anxiety around income and will we make enough to pay our bills this month and how can I support you today, honey? It's all too much.  

But is it? Is it really all too much? Because earlier this week Jenny's mom died. We didn't have a good relationship with her and hadn't actually spoken to her in a few years. But it's a death that causes strong emotions to stir. There was a funeral to plan and a house to deal with. More stuff. More things to cause us to say "It's too much." 

I haven't even got to the state of the world. Hurricanes. Racism. Political bickering. Negative energy coming in from everywhere. It does often seem like too much and that we can't handle it all. 

But here's the thing. As I was laying there this morning I realized that WE ALWAYS HANDLE THE THINGS. No matter what life throws at us, Jenny and I handle it. Sometimes we do it efficiently and accept so much is out of our control. Sometimes handling it involves taking the kids to my parents and snuggling up on the couch to watch The Office reruns on Netflix. Then we handle it efficiently the next day. Point is, one step at a time, we handle what we can.  

And we're happy. We're blessed to share this life together. To work hard together and to provide an environment where our kids can lay their beautiful heads down at night and know they are loved unconditionally. I can't possibly ask for anything else but to be able to share life with people I love. 

So, yes, it might be all too much. But what if that doesn't matter and we all just handle what we can when we can and accept that that's enough. A little mindshift to help you get through your days. Maybe you'll notice  little bit more joy and find some time to slow dance with your lover in the kitchen. Honestly, that's all I need.  

Be well out there, friends.