From meh to WHAAAAAA?!?

You ever think about how long life feels sometimes? And yet, as the years go on, it seems to really fly by. 

Have you thought recently about all the things you're 'meh' about lately? Maybe it's your job. Maybe there's some romantic relationship that needs to go away because it doesn't light you up. Maybe you're unhappy with where you live. Maybe you need to get outside and be more active or eat a little bit healthier. 

Life is too precious to spend so much time in the 'meh' zone. 

But I get it. Making changes. Getting healthy. Taking care of yourself requires courage. It requires a LOT of effort. Finding fulfillment takes bravery + work. 

Unfortunately, no one is going to be able to do that work for you. It requires you to pour your heart + soul + everything you have into self-care. It requires bravery + for you to step up + do the hard things you KNOW deep down you feel called to do. 

I recently read some wise words in an excellent novel by Nicola Yoon. "Life is too dang long to spend doing something you're meh about." 

Take a moment to reflect on all the things you're meh about right now. Little meh's. Big meh's. Think about all the meh's in your life.

Now take a deep breath. Fully in. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it for a bit longer. Fully out. Now take another one. Hold that for a few seconds, too. Feel the air fill up your belly + then take another inhale right into your heart. Sit with the relaxation. Exhale + relax.

Still with me? Good. Now that you're calm, take a few moments to ask yourself how can I turn those 'mehs' into WHAAAAAA's.

A WHAAAAAAAA is something you're extremely excited to be doing in any given moment. WHAAAAA's are what you feel called to do in the quiet moments...in the stillness. WHAAAAA's might be keeping you up at night with joy. You deserve a whole heckuva lot of WHAAAAAA's in your life. 

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed? Here's the good news. I can help you get to a space where your WHAAAA's far outweigh your meh's. Book an All the Heals session now + let's work together to snuff those meh's right out.