It's about channeling light

I used to think I was a chaser of the light, but then I realized I could tap into it wherever, whenever, no chasing needed.


I used to think I was a keeper of the light, but light is elusive + slippery + leaves when you try + control it.

Then I discovered I was a channel for the light + light loves being used for kindness, healing, warmth, goodness. 

Light goes where it needs to, diving into the darkness with reckless abandon, offering hope + love when we need it most. 

The light is always there, waiting to be called upon.

Sometimes this looks like hippie stuff, meditation + stillness. Sometimes this looks like indoor water gun fights with my kids, old school hip-hop dance parties in morph suits + leaving random notes of encouragement for people to find.


My life has been one of discovery

As I get older, I can see how my life has been one of pursuit. Pursuit of love. Pursuit of deep connections. Pursuit of helping others see their beauty...their enoughness...that they matter. 

I married my high school sweetheart, + we have 3 amazing kids. I'm a photographer of love. I'm an artist + encouragement card maker

I've been an avid meditator of all styles since my early 20's. Meditation is where I find the peace + patience to deal with the stresses of running my own businesses + dealing with my kids Cystic Fibrosis. I'm a certified Breathwork Healer. I'm also a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition as well as a certified Heart Math Add Heart Facilitator.


In the winter you can find me breathing deep while sitting in ice cold lakes around the Kansas City area. The power we have from within to stay healthy + strong is tremendous. If we just learn how to listen to + trust our bodies. 

When we live from within, we live from a strength + peace + bravery that helps others live their truths as well. And that's how we all live fulfilling, joy-filled lives.

Let me show you what’s possible.


Instagram: @joshsolarlovesyou