Astra Aura

“I am always looking for holistic therapies that are both profoundly healing AND simple enough to do that I can actually commit to a consistent practice. I've received so many treatments from a wide range of healers of different modalities, and Josh's Breathwork + Reiki sessions are some of the most profound treatments I've ever received – but never in a way that feels daunting or heavy, as some energy work can be. In-person sessions with Josh always have me floating in outer space, my third-eye activated in a way that I can rarely tap into outside of Josh's guided breathwork sessions. Josh is supportive, grounding, caring, and incredibly intuitive. He creates a safe space to help his clients reach new transcendent heights, and I am incredibly grateful for his willingness to guide us with his energetic gifts.”

I was a bit nervous about feeling comfortable in a group breath work setting. and I totally felt at ease. The internal energy vibrations I felt during our breath work was my favorite part.
— Matt Frye
I know this sounds like some weird hippie stuff, but you should really try this!! I was a little nervous going in, but as soon as I met Josh, he made me feel totally comfortable. You deserve to take some time for yourself, to heal, and feel relaxed.
— Christine

"I'm no stranger to tools that help me de-stress and center myself. I truly believe that our bodies and minds are powerful instruments in healing of all kinds. But sometimes we need a little help, a nudge, or a perspective we cannot yet see for ourselves...After my session, I left feeling recharged, relaxed, and refreshed... basically the opposite of how I felt going in. Besides this obvious benefit, I also noticed a shift in how I perceive my own energy, a shift I've never seen before that I've been able to tap back into all on my own in the days after my session."

I felt relaxed immediately and not intimidated or overhwelmed by my own inexperience in meditation or breathwork. This style of breathwork is so transformative. It has both helped me clear my busy mind and clear out the day-to-day gunk, rather than letting it build up and erupt later.
— M

Megan Hemphill Firebrand Collective

"My family and I have no fears when working with Josh. Love is so present in his interactions with the world around him - to know him is to trust him.

I loved watching him explain to my daughter in words she can understand how Reiki works. His patience with and acceptance of her was incredibly moving."

Josh is possibly one of the most awake, present, and giving people I have ever encountered. He radiates love, acceptance, and humility, but at the same time is real, imperfect, and authentic... relatable. Just being around him lifts your spirits and inspires you to show up the same way in your own life. His breath work is soothing and healing and surprisingly revealing.
— Michelle
I felt present in and aware of my body, my mind, and my breathing in ways I haven’t ever before.
— Lee Anne